We Are
Fuel Control

Future Concept

Since 2000, Baseline Communicate has positioned Remote Sensing as the Concept of the Future

The Big Ideas

Criticism and Suggestions from anyone will be a Strength for us to think in generating Big Ideas and will be developed according to Technological Advances

Creative Solutions

Supported by Personnel who are Persistent and Think Brilliantly, They always produce Creative Solutions


Our Services For Clients

Digital Strategy

We are Converting Conventional Systems towards Digitalization which can provide Efficiency and Added Value

UI Designs

All Hardware, Firmware and Software that we produce can be Customized and is always User Oriented and Friendly

Various Reports

Various Reports from Tabular Reports, Journals, Graph Reports and Summaries considered very helpful for the Company’s Operations in Growth Analyzing

Asset Security

24/7 All monitored Assets will be Strictly Guarded both Operationally and Protected from Intruders

Apps Development

We always Update the Application Interface and Users can Download it for Free

Guidance & Care

The System always provides Input if Irregularities found and will Provide Positive Direction


Projects We Have Done


We Are Best Digital Concept Since 2000

Team Work

Committed and Creative


Trust pays off


Somewhere on earth

Who We Are

Baseline Communicate
is a National Company engaged in Research and Technology,
And has existed since 2000 in the field of Embedded Systems, Telemetry and Artificial Intelligent,
We Never Stop to do Engineering Development to Produce Innovative Devices, with this specification we produce Reliable Products.

Our Vision

Positioning Human Dignity,
because Humans are not Machines,
It’s not natural for humans to compete with machines,
Humans have a Higher Degree of Perfection

Our Mission

We created a collection of Innovative Device Systems to make Human Tasks Easier,
And Humans can make Decisions from the results Presented by the System


Feedback From Our Clients
Ferie Kuswandi SE. M.Mar
    Ferie Kuswandi SE. M.Mar


    Satisfying and making many contributions to the Company, Controlling fuel usage is easier and more accurate, Handling and after-sales service are very fast and responsive.

    Yudi Kitti
      Yudi Kitti

      Chief Information Officer

      Personally feel proud if the Indonesian people are able to compete, let alone be able to penetrate the International world, this is all appropriate if we want to be known to the world.

      Sjaifuddin Thahir
        Sjaifuddin Thahir

        Ship Consultant

        The marine digital era will create business transparency, And I see that BCTRACK is able to provide this, especially in monitoring fuel usage, this deserves our attention.

        Khusnul Mawahib
          Khusnul Mawahib

          Sr. Marine Management

          BCTRACK provides many benefits, especially the fuel control system so that it does not exceed the threshold, BCTRACK is rich in features that are very useful in ship operations.

          Ali Ridho Shahab
            Ali Ridho Shahab

            Captain, Flight Operation Inspector

            The Indonesian Nation was able to produce BCTRACK as a superior product that can be developed into the Aviation Industry. I saw the features presented so completely.

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